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USAID/ESP – Drinking water treatment alternatives, Jakarta

Action Research on Point-of-Use Drinking Water Treatment Alternatives as Appropriate for Underprivileged Households in Jakarta. October. 2008. USAID Environmental Services Program (ESP). (pdf, 3MB)

This report documents the action research conducted on point-of-use drinking water treatment alternatives appropriate for underprivileged households in Jakarta. An introduction to the scope of work and project summary is first given. Second, technology research is covered, specifically boiling, isi-ulang, chlorination, ceramic filtration, and SODIS, which are each discussed with regards to background, technology, perception, and limitations. A preliminary comparison of these disinfection technologies follows. Next reported are results from bench-scale investigations of SODIS and ceramic filtration, which were conducted prior to implementing alternative practices with community members.

Pilot-trials with Bintaro Lama, Bintaro Baru, Teluk Gong, and Tanjung Priok slum communities in Jakarta followed. A Water Handling & Hygiene Campaign, and subsequent Point-of-Use Water Treatment Alternatives Campaign, was initially conducted in each of these four communities. Campaign participants ranked their treatment preferences at that time, and thereafter, volunteers to try one of each of the treatment alternatives were assigned in each of the communities. Water quality was monitored and user feedback was documented from the 20 families participating over the following month.

A User’s Feedback & Water Quality Results Campaign was then conducted in each community, where each user spoke about their findings and water quality results were presented. Campaign participants ranked their treatment preferences again at that time. Conclusions were made based on all the information gathered and analyzed to assess the technology comparison method constructed and implemented and to provide grounded advice for feasible replication.

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