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WSP – Sanitation strategy for cities: Indonesia

Marching together with a city-wide sanitation strategy, 2010.

Water and Sanitation Program

Full-text: http://www.wsp.org/UserFiles/file/citywide_sanitation.pdf

This book contains the principles a municipal government should consider before developing a citywide sanitation strategy. In this context, this strategy refers to a city’s strategic mid-term sanitation development plan, which incorporates vision, missions, objectives and targets as well as specifi c strategies to improve sanitation services.

Chapter 1 starts with an introduction of the background, objectives, concept, and the process of a city sanitation development, followed by a description of the position of the citywide sanitation strategy within the sanitation development planning process. The remaining chapters describe the steps to develop a citywide sanitation strategy. Chapters 2 to 6 explain the fi ve major steps of the process: a) establishing a working group, b) city sanitation mapping, c) defi ning a sanitation development framework, d) preparing a strategy for sanitation services development, and e) preparing a strategy for development of non-technical aspects. Chapter 7 concludes the book with a series of follow-up activities for implementation upon approval of the citywide sanitation strategy.

The book uses the phrase total sanitation services to mean the ideal level of sanitation services desired by a city. Such services should be accessible to all residents, be available city wide, be technically complete and sustainable, and not cause negative environmental impacts.

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