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World Urban Forum, March 22-26, 2010 – Brazil

The theme for Rio 2010, The right to the City– bridging the urban divide is in harmony with UN-HABITAT’s flagship report, State of the World’s Cities 2010-2011.

Link: http://www.unhabitat.org/categories.asp?catid=584

Concepts that will drive the discussions in Rio include the right to the city, bridging urban income gaps, reducing inequality and poverty, participatory democracy, cultural diversity in cities, women-friendly cities, sustainable urban development equal access to shelter, health, water, sanitation and infrastructure services. And of course the right to the inclusive city.

Under the Millennium Development Goals for poverty reduction by the year 2015, governments agreed that these combined with good urban planning, and good governance are the best way foreward for a better urban future.

An agenda of events and discussions will bring to life the ideas drawn from concept documents by international specialists in each of the strategic areas. The idea is to improve the debate at the main sessions and networking events. In this way, the Forum will promote a dialogue and build common commitments that result in new solutions for our cities.

To rethink our urban utopia is the main task. Our challenge now is to learn with the rest of the world, taking into account the needs of our partners so that best practices and actions are multiplied in every city, creating a better world where everyone can live with dignity, respect and citizenship.

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